Monday, February 01, 2010

My grandmother's funeral and memorial service

We buried my grandmother and celebrated her life and legacy on January 3, 2010, 2 days after her wedding anniversary. Here are all her boys lined up on the front row before the graveside service. It was cold!
The casket, pink carnations in her honor (the first flowers my grandfather gave her were pink carnations, and she always loved them!), and her picture.
One uncle had prepared a collage of pictures as a remembrance
And my cousin who scrapbooks made a beautiful display with the pictures she had
My grandparents - what beautiful people!
a picture my sister Christy colored for Grandma, that she had on her bulletin board - she always had pictures of and by all of us on her ever expanding bulletin boards! With a team effort, we put together a beautiful display of pictures and memories.
A few dear old friends from Cameroon, who knew my grandparents from WAY back when
I have such great childhood memories of this man, Richard Grout - both from Cameroon and from him letting me drive his boat on Puget Sound
and we had a very nice family dinner in Seattle to gather and be together one more time - I am so grateful for my incredible family!