Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My new favorite place

Cabane des surfeurs
yes, I know I just posted pics, but every time I don't want to cook, I find myself asking Ed if he wants to go - several times a week...
What's not to love - 7 minutes from home, a beautiful view of the lighthouse and waves pounding on the rocks
 A little stone-walled nook all our own where JB (and Daddy) can play in the sand

A simple, inexpensive menu (I always get fish kabobs and nems - spring rolls)

Watching surfers play in the light of the setting sun

Husbands look very handsome in the sunset light


And if you stay too long, you get to watch the lighthouse...

And make a baby fly ..... and then fall asleep in the car on the way home - score!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A mid-December Saturday in Dakar

My mother always made a great variety of Christmas cookies, and one of my favorite memories is decorating sugar cookies with powdered sugar icing and sprinkles. I decided we needed to have a cookie decorating party. We had some Senegalese friends and their kids over to decorate Christmas cookies - maybe next year JB can do his own cookie decorating!

We provided icing and sprinkles and everyone put in their best artistic effort...
 ...and then got to take a plate of their masterpieces home!

Mmmmm, beautiful AND yummy!

Then we finished the day by going to La Cabane de Surfeurs, and brought (several days early) the sand toys JB will be getting for Christmas. Definitely a hit!

 It's an awesome little seaside surf shack/restaurant, each table in its own little rock wall enclosure, some with just sand, others with tiled floors, terraced down the slope to the ocean. There's no beach (just rocks), but it has a nice little break and has become our favorite place to go for a bite to eat and a pretty sunset.

Me and my boy

                                                      Sunset and waves
Not bad for mid-December - Christmas cookies and ocean - that's my kind of day!