Sunday, April 22, 2012

A little bit of this, a little bit of that..

JB is "helping" me with this blog entry. He actually managed to lock the mouse key pad (something neither Ed nor I knew was possible), requiring a computer shutdown to escape from. We are so in for it! He is accidentally discovering all sorts of function keys I didn't know existed!
 We're very much enjoying having our sea shipment mostly unpacked - JB goes crazy in his jumperoo! Oh, and that's his post-bath fauxhawk - takes a little more effort these days! 
Most of the houses on our street have both day and night guards who all work for the same company.The guards on our street adore JB - and the feeling is mutual. One evening I was walking down our road with JB in the carrier, and every time I approached a guard, JB would start bouncing and giggling.
 Our guard (on weekends) is Modou, in the middle. He has a little boy JB's age and is just terrific with him. JB will play and laugh with him longer than with most people!

JB getting the night guard look - quite the hat, eh?
    Another favorite item from our shipment is our Xbox with Kinect (believe it or not, that was MY request for Christmas - and I convinced Ed that he needed a flat screen TV for Christmas). Here are JB and Daddy playing Xbox.
There are a lot of corner fruit and vegetable sellers, and you can get an amazing variety, for fairly reasonable prices. Here is my $20 worth of spring onions, cilantro. mint, avocados, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, mangoes, limes, lemons, cucumbers, and pears, out to dry after having been soaked in water with a capful of bleach. Gorgeous!
I make JB's baby food from steamed, pureed fruit and veggies.  I think this is carrot and green bean. Looks like he's a fan!
This carrot is almost as big as he is!
For Lao New Year, my friend Melinda wanted to put on a New Year Party, and I wanted to have a curry paste making party and Mekong food party - so we joined forces, cooked from 10:30 till 5 while the husbands watched the boys, and ended up with quite the feast to share with friends!

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