Saturday, April 07, 2012

Road trip through JB's eyes

During March, Mom's cousin and her husband came to visit Senegal, so we had a great time showing them around Senegal. And I had four adoring adults all to myself!
Mom keeps thinking she'll write a blog post about our trip, but I doubt she'll ever get around to it, so I'm doing one for her.

Here we are on the island of Goree.

Eating lunch in St. Louis.  I know exactly what to do with a Coke can ... one of the days I'm going to get a hold of one before Mom is done with it.

We went to the Djoudj National Park - a major bird sanctuary in Senegal. Mom was in birdie heaven, and will post a blog with all her bird pictures.... someday.Taking a boat ride through the park.

The next day we went to a place where we rode camels and stayed in tents.  
I looked very cool in my baby sun glasses. 

Mom says I slept through my first camel ride.

 Hanging out with Dad
I really liked the inside of the tent - the way the patterns moved in the wind was fascinating!
 Mamadou was our driver - he kept us safe on the road and was lots of fun to play with! We drove down to southern Senegal on the coast just north of Gambia, where we went on a little "safari" - most of which I slept through.
But I woke up in time to see the zebras.
 And I thought it was really funny when the friendly antelope tried to kiss me!
I slept through most of our boat ride through the mangroves.
 I made friends everywhere - no one can withstand my grin!
 Out to eat on the beach with Mom and Dad at sunset back in Dakar
Now this is my kind of fun involving birds and water!! 

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